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In the era of genomic medicine medical imaging is experiencing the transformations from

morphological to functional,
qualitative to quantitative utilities,

from serving
diagnostic workup to support therapeutic decision-making,

from being
irrelevant to drug development to involve clinical trials.







tWAN Biotech opens the door to the realm of imaging biomarker by offering sophisticated imaging analysis software, imaging biomarker services. For years we have been focusing on applying quantitative imaging techniques to oncology and cancer care. Our clients are medical doctors in hospitals (radiologists and oncologists), researchers at institutes and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the context of Quantitative Imaging technique we have been working on the anatomic measurement of tumor size as well as the novel quantitative imaging techniques, including Perfusion MRI (T2* DSC-MRI, T1w DCE-MRI), Diffusion MRI (DWI, Diffusion Weighted Imaging, DTI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, and IVIM, Intravoxel Incoherent Motion),  BOLD-based fMRI, and CT Perfusion, or DCE-CT.

In terms of Imaging Biomarkers we are experienced in handling ktrans and iAUGCBN of T1w DCE-MRI, rCBV and rCBF of T2* DSC-MRI, ADC/ADCp of DWI/IVIM as well as anatomic ones, i.e. size and volumetry.

Professionals in both healthcare and biotech sectors are seeing the value in applying quantitative imaging techniques to the clinical practice of cancer patients care, translational cancer research and anticancer drug development. It is our belief that all the research and development efforts should ultimately be translated into the improvement of patient care and tWAN Biotech aims to bring further insights into cancer care and to improve overall care quality.

Since 2013 tWAN Biotech establishes Imaging Core Lab aiming at serving drug/device developers, CRO and pharma/biopharma companies on top of our imaging expertise and experience. Our service portfolio includes imaging clinical trial design/consultation, site/scanner qualification, blinded independent central review (BICR) and imaging training associated with clinical trial. You’re welcome to have a look at our service pages.

Our Strengths

  • DCE-MRI: ktrans, iAUGCBN etc.
  • Quantitative Imaging Techniques and Analysis
  • Relationships with Imaging Professionals 
  • Partnership with Leading Hospitals 

Our Focus

Imaging Biomarkers
Quantitative Tumor Response Evaluation
Clinical Trial Imaging
Imaging Core Lab


Our Partners

amit mint
Apollo Medical Imaging Technology
Apollo Medical Imaging Technology is a clinically-driven medical imaging software company specializing in the creation of advanced image processing software for clinical and research applications. tWAN Biotech carries Apollo’s product, MIStar®, since 2008. Together we provide a broad spectrum of advanced functions for clinicians, researchers and scientists at leading luminaries.
Mint Medical
Mint Medical GmbH is founded by researchers of the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ). It is based on the innovation and experience from more than 20 years of research work in the area of medical imaging. Mint Medical GmbH aims at providing leading edge image processing methods to improve medical diagnosis, therapy planning and computer assisted therapy.


LISIT Co. LTD., founded in 2010, is the first company in Japan to fulfill the integration of clinical and medical imaging research and out-sourcing analysis service. Lisit specializes in medical imaging analysis and management services on imaging clinical trials of anti-cancer drugs, especially targeted therapeutic agents.
Infinity Information
Infinity Information Solutions is our IT partner for web strategy, data mining and statistical computing. Their expertise ranges from web and software development to AI applications based on neural networks and genetic algorithms.